The A – Z Of Managed Wifi

Managed WiFi is essentially a business solution that enables an organization to outsource the key tasks involved in laying down, securing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading and/or maintaining a WiFi system to a third party vendor. The benefits of a managed WiFi service can include reduced operational costs, increased productivity, better control, improved infrastructure stability, improved flexibility and more. Some of these advantages include: reduced staff training costs, increased employee productivity, reduced IT costs, reduced equipment downtime, reduced maintenance costs, simplified communication and easier deployment. The advantages of a managed WiFi service include the following:

Managed WiFi gives users greater control over their networks.

Users can choose to create their own ‘private’ network which is only accessible within their network of workers. They can also choose to establish public access points (PA), which are public internet connections that can be accessed by all other employees on the company premises. This is often less expensive than the alternative of buying and maintaining hundreds of access points.

Managed WiFi significantly reduces the need for additional access points (APs). APs provide the initial connectivity needed for all employees to connect to the internet. With managed wifi users can configure up to four devices per AP and as many access points as they require. As the number of devices per AP increases so does the amount of bandwidth available for users and businesses will save money on the purchase of additional cheap and available bandwidth.

Managed wifi solution ensures that your company has maximum coverage. It is ideal for multi-site businesses that can benefit from wireless coverage in the workplace and on the go. Furthermore, it can allow you to reduce the risk of accidents occurring when employees need to access the internet while travelling or at their homes. Managed wifi offers businesses cost savings and greater flexibility than traditional WAN.

Managed wifi performance is based around two factors; the number of users and the number of access points established. Each of these factors has a negative and positive impact on the overall Managed WiFi performance. An employee with access to the internet at home or at work is likely to use more than one device to get online. This can result in poor Managed WiFi performance as each of the devices used have limited or no internet access. On the other hand, a single device will usually have enough access to get online.

Typically Managed Wifi providers will offer secure wireless network services.

Businesses that require a fully managed and secured wireless network will have different needs than customer loyalty programs. Customer loyalty programs usually require customers to log on to the internet through the same login and password at all times. With a fully managed and secured wireless network this is not a concern.

In the case of Managed WiFi systems, the network configuration is done by a dedicated server after the initial client connection has been established. This is done to ensure that the configuration process is as efficient and smooth as possible. When the client connects to the managed wifi system, it is normally via a desktop computer. The desktop computer will require administrative privileges to grant access to the internet. Any other devices require the client to have an access point, either an IP-based one or wireless card. Once the access point has been established, the client is able to log onto the internet using any device that is capable of accessing the internet, which typically includes a smartphone or tablet.

  • The benefits of a managed wifi service provider are clear.
  • Businesses save money because there is no need for staff to buy and maintain a laptop or PC just to be able to access the internet.
  • Staff can also keep using their existing laptops and computers so that they do not have to buy new equipment.
  • Furthermore, businesses can still ensure that top management is able to stay online at all times, even when they are traveling or on holiday.